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ARLO Counsellors at Law

Certification of Registration by the Ministry of Law and Human Right No: AHU-0000019-AH.01.18.

ARLO is a professionally established law office based on years of experience owned by its members. Having the ability as a legal expert, and supported by a personality with integrity, makes ARLO members work professionally to solve problems suffered by clients. Although it tends to be involved in the settlement of business law, ARLO continues to provide legal services in the broadest sense as supported by experts in each field.


Practice Areas

General Corporate and Commercial

General Corporate and Commercial

“We offer you various types of legal business services, with strong strategic decisions also effectively resolving business disputes through negotiation, mediation, litigation and arbitration. ”



“We provide professional tax attorneys with sophisticated tax advice and expert skills regarding, included but not limited to individual and business tax planning; complex estate planning; administrative appeals process; and tax litigation. ”



“We fight for the most favourable way that suits you, inside or outside the court trial. Our team has the skills and experiences to successfully advocate for business, individuals and public entities. ”

Legal Audit

Legal Audit

“We supply assorted advice and guidance for clients, in order to manage legal risks. Clients could expect us to build the grand design also implement legal procedures to minimize exposure to liability, maximize revenue, and long-term enterprise value. ”

Energy and Mining

Energy and Mining

“We are experienced in the energy and mining field, with a deep understanding to fulfilled and achieve the client’s needs and goals. We serve the client to conduct legal due diligence, permitting, licensing, and also organize their legal processing. ”

ARLO Members

Professional Advisors

Jannes Siringoringo

Managing Director

“We are committed to client's best interest, with our various scopes of practice, providing tailor-made solution and always pursuing a high-standard legal services.”

Jannes Siringoringo Managing Director

Surahman Simanjorang, S.H., CLA.


“The breadth of the field of law in Indonesia, made him decide to focus on one specialization as a legal auditor. His legal auditing skills enhance ARLO's performance in handling all of the corporate clients. ”

Surahman Simanjorang, S.H., CLA. Partner

Boyce Alvhan C Siringoringo, S.H.,M.H.


“Holding experiences in various legal issues during his time in boutique law firms in the past, Boyce joined ARLO in the hope of providing all the best legal services especially in Business Disputes, and any case related to Business & corporate field. ”

Boyce Alvhan C Siringoringo, S.H.,M.H. Partner

Trinanda Kristo M Butarbutar, S.H.


“Trinanda is a passionate lawyer with a great enthusiasm to serve his client. He is also member of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). He has huge legal practice such as any corporate actions (i.e. merger and acquisition), capital market, project financing, and commercial dispute settlement. ”

Trinanda Kristo M Butarbutar, S.H. Partner

Rubian Ariviani, S.H.


“Rubian is a registered advocate at PERADI who has worked for years in a boutique law firm specialized in general corporate and litigation matters. She specializes in general corporate law, labor law, intellectual property rights and dispute resolution. ”

Rubian Ariviani, S.H. Partner

Nabila Annisa Rafiq, S.H.


“Nabila completed her bachelor degree from Parahyangan Catholic University prior to joining ARLO. She has an interest in International Law. With the skills she has, Nabila always seeking for client’s best business interest and analyzes the risks covered in every business contract. ”

Nabila Annisa Rafiq, S.H. Partner

Ade Adhari, S.H., M.H.


“Ade has extensive experience working in the criminal law policy. Ade is studying at Doctoral Programs of Universitas Diponegoro (2019-now). In Addition, as a lecturer at Faculty of Law, Universitas Tarumanagara. Active as an expert in criminal cases and writing books and other scientific works. ”

Ade Adhari, S.H., M.H. Counsel

Hanung Aninditya, S.H., M.Kn., RSA.


“Experienced in land and property law, and has also been professional consultant in the Indonesian capital market since 2017. As an RSA (Registered Securities Analyst), Hanung provides analysis in assessing stock exchange rates in Indonesia both fundamentally and technically. ”

Hanung Aninditya, S.H., M.Kn., RSA. Counsel

Prio Widiastono Marbun, S.H., M. Kn.


“Experienced in the world of corporate legal, especially with regard to the field of notarial law and land / agrarian law, He gives an excellent contribution for ARLO in handling every cases. ”

Prio Widiastono Marbun, S.H., M. Kn. Counsel

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